Man With A Brush Film Screening & Exhibition

Over the past few months Dimension2 and Scene Photography have been working on a short documentary and photography collaboration, which shines a spotlight on Mike Meyer, an endearing, eccentric and renowned sign painter from midwestern America.  Mike Meyer discovered sign painting as a free-spirited youngster and never wanted to do anything else. Despite the art-form fading from the mainstream, his untamed passion and willingness to go all the way have taken him on an unlikely journey from small-town maverick to globetrotting guru.  Here are some pictures taken from the exhibition and screening that we held at The Savoy Cinema in Nottingham and Second Home in Shoreditch, London. The film will be available to view soon exclusively on https://www.nowness.com  Thanks to Ralph Barklam for the event photography.

Electrolyte Shoot In St Tropez, London & The Lake District

Here are a selection of shots from our recently completed project commissioned by Kong agency for their client bike company Electrolyte.  To show the diversity of the bike ranges, three very different locations were selected, St Tropez, London and The Lake District.  Then two days in the studio for the product photography.  As well as the stills we also worked alongside our friends at Magenta Films who joined us in St Tropez to shoot a film too.  It was a great shoot and we had a great team on board. Models by Blake Models, styling by Lisa Elliott, art direction by Kong.


John Pye Gemstones

We recently had the pleasure of photographing a selection of precious gemstones from the unique David Jerome Collection which has been valued at in excess of £8million.  The images are to promote the sale by John Pye Auctioneers at their Bond Street, Mayfair auction house.  Included in the collection is a remarkable matching pair of Emerald earrings expected to sell for in excess of £600,000 (in the picture below).  Design direction and concept by DV8 Design, models by Blake Models and Boss, Hair and Make up by Leanne Shaw, styling by Lisa Elliott and Steven Spencer.


Spitfire studio room set shoot

Here are some shots from the second shoot for Spitfires own huge marketing campaign.  Again (somewhat whacky) was thoroughly enjoyable!  The guys at Spitfire wanted to achieve a “Stanley Kubrick” feel and so to create this they had three epic room sets built in our studio, which I think you’ll agree the results are fantastic.  Again shooting alongside Dimension2 as they worked on the film itself.  (The footage will be launched later in the year).  Check out their blog

Female model            Kate Parnell (Storm)
Male Model                Giles Hampton
Creative Director      Jim Stevenson
Film Production        Dimension
DOP                             Rik Burnel
Costume                      Debbie O’Bria
Make-up                      Sophia Knigh
Set build                      Nick Scott





Spitfire shoot at Dungeness

Our friends at Spitfire have been working on a big campaign for their own marketing and I was asked to do the still photography alongside Dimension2 whom were leading the filming.  Spitfire organised one of the coolest locations for the shoot in the UK, Dungeness.  I really enjoyed the ideas they came up with and was lots of fun working with them on it.  This was the first of two shoots and the film will be launched later in the year

Female model            Kate Parnell (Storm)
Male Model                Leonardo (Storm)
Creative Director      Jim Stevenson
Film Production       Dimension 2
DOP                             Rik Burnell
Costume                      Debbie O’Brian
Make-up                      Hannah Kreeger


Victoria Square Belfast

Took a trip out to Belfast recently with Madison Soho to shoot for a billboard campaign for their client Victoria Square.  This was to promote the Spring/Summer 2015 collections for the fashion retailers housed within the complex.  Again working with fantastic models and a great team it was a fab shoot, although very cold, encountering snow on a rooftop shoot and having to go out and buy hats, scarves and gloves…here are a few pics of the final result, more to be rolled out over the next few weeks.


Trefecta Shoot In Monaco

I was recently asked by our friends at Magenta Films  and design agency Conspiracysinc to take a trip over to Monaco to shoot stills for the prototype of an amazing bike designed by Trefecta whom claim a new category of vehicle, an electric superbike.  Trefecta have achieved military recognition for being highly suited for peace and stability operations.  To top it off the shoot was also during the time of the Grand Prix, so this was bound to be a little different.  What a location and a fabulous bit of kit to photograph too!

Once the location shoot in Monaco was complete, Trefecta came over to the UK for a shoot in our studio too.  Again working alongside our friends at Magenta Films who created some amazing footage of this bad ass bike.  Here are some shots for you to enjoy!


Gunwharf Quays Shoot

We were asked by Madison Soho to produce a series of images to promote Gunwharf Quays, a premium retail and leisure complex in Portsmouth.  We had a great team and the weather was kind to us too.  Here is a selection of the images. Art direction by Madison Soho, models from Models 1, hair and make-up by Leanne Shaw and Vanessa Calderone, styling by Laura Sellers.


Photography For Interior Design Company Macaulay Sinclair

We have been working with our client Macaulay Sinclair on some fab projects lately.  Macaulay Sinclair are a great interior architecture and design studio that offer bespoke services within hospitality space. We had the pleasure of photographing some of their recently completed locations including Gordon Ramsey’s London House, Hawksmoor Knightsbridge, Ember Yard Soho, Big Easy Covent Garden and Byron Burger House Milton Keynes.  Here is a selection of the images.


Edinburgh Shopping

Another great project with Madison Soho, this time to promote the newly proposed 850 million pound St James shopping centre development, intended to position Edinburgh as the leading shopping destination in Scotland. Here are some pics.  Art direction by Madison Soho, models from Models 1, hair & make-up Leanne Shaw and styling by Laura Sellers.


Latest Blue Sun Tree Furniture Photography

Here are some snaps from a recent location and studio shoot we did with Blue Sun Tree. They retail furniture, lighting and accessories aimed at the design conscious.  Coming up with interesting locations and concepts their shoots are always interesting and the outcome always great. Check out their new website 


Blackwell & Wootton food shoot

Blackwell & Wootton are a bespoke catering business offering a very unique way of entertaining.  Check out their website to experience what they have to offer.  We were blown away to watch their culinary skills in action using only the finest most naturally sourced and seasonal ingredients.  We were also lucky enough to taste, as myself and the crew got to eat the food in the pics for lunch!!!!! YUM!!  It was nice to be shooting something quite different and as always Spitfire did an amazing job with the concept and the art direction.  As well as stills, there was an element of film required for their website which was all shot by Dimension2 alongside me over the days of the shoot.  Thanks to Chris Law for the behind the scene shots.