XL Scotland Car Shoot

21-5-17 XL15747.jpg
21-5-17 XL15663.jpg
21-5-17 XL 1897.jpg

A few months ago an opportunity not to be missed came my way, which has now gone down as one of our all time favourite jobs to date! Spitfire asked us to head the photography for an exciting new project they had planned for their client XL. We drove 10 supercars to Scotland to shoot them in Glasgow and Glencoe and it was totally epic. Working alongside Dimension 2, who were also asked by Spitfire to join the crew to create a short film, we were up at the crack of dawn everyday to catch first light and then shooting until Sundown. The long days were more than worth it. We had a real mixed bag of weather which made for an exciting variety of conditions to work and drive in. Spitfire created an amazing promotional hard back bound book for XL about the shoot and the book was sent out to influencers within the industry.

Belvoir Food & Beverage Studio Shoot


Here is the finished shot and a few BTS from our shoot in studio with Together for their client Belvoir Farm Foods. Working with Indiboo we were tasked with building a 16ft long rolling table on tracks. These images were for Belvoir’s instagram Christmas campaign showcasing 30+ recipes beautifully prepared by Tom Cockerill. Drink recipes created and styled by Sophie at Black Velvet Styling table layout styled by Pam Page-Looker and Together. A selection of the dishes were also filmed by Tom Pierrepont to seamlessly fit into the completed table grid. Art direction Together.

M&S Photoshoot


We recently worked on a great campaign with Spitfire Studio for M&S Energy (a project to help the community).  10 locations across the UK, travelling from as far south as Cornwall and all the way up to Cumbria.  The final adverts were featured on over 80 digital billboard sites around London.  

Ferrari 488 GTB Studio Shoot


We've just had the pleasure of shooting another beautiful supercar, the Ferrari 488 GTB for Spitfire Studio's client XL. This sweep of images will run as a series of adverts to showcase their current supercar range.  Check out the XL website to see more of the automotive photography we've been shooting on location with Rolls Royce, Porsche, Mercedes, Lamborghini, BMW, Range Rover and McLaren www.xlltd.com

Team Brunel Volvo Ocean Race Photography in Lisbon


If you are into boats and sailing the Volvo Ocean Race is as good as it gets, described as the formula one of sailing! We were lucky enough to be asked by Magenta Films to join them in Lisbon, Portugal to shoot a series of portraits of the Team Brunel crew and supporting shots of the boat preparation.  Magenta Filmsasked us to shoot everything on black and white analogue film as they wanted to create something a little bit more special than the norm. After the selections were made our local lab The Photo Parlour produced 60 beautiful dark room hand prints that are now exhibited in the Team Brunel visitors centre which is currently in Cape-town and will be travelling to Melbourne, Hong Kong, Auckland, Newport America, Brazil and many more legs of the race.

DiNardo Shoot in Turin Italy

11-10-17 DiNardo5341.jpg
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11-10-17 DiNardo5590 1.jpg
11-10-17 DiNardo5763.jpg
11-10-17 DiNardo5645.jpg
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We were recently commissioned by Kong Agency to shoot in Turin, Italy for professional handmade boxing glove company - DiNardo.  As well as doing the product photography here in the UK we also flew over to Turin to shoot Phillipo DiNardo within his workshops.  Such a talented man and a real character too. 

Red Bull Snowboard Shoot in Holland


Here's a few shots from our recent shoot for Red Bull in the Netherlands.  The shoot was through the night at Snowworld in Landgraaf working alongside our friends at Magenta Films who were shooting the film for Red Bull.  The guys at Red Bull wanted to go for something a little different so we shot on medium format black and white film.  Although this is how we used to shoot everything, busting out the Mamiya RZ for the first time in a while was challenging and reminds you how comparatively easier digital photography is now.  The positives of shooting on film - the results were amazing and you definitely feel like you have crafted something great.

Electrolyte Shoot In St Tropez, London & The Lake District


Here are a selection of shots from our recently completed project commissioned by Kong agency for their client bike company Electrolyte.  To show the diversity of the bike ranges, three very different locations were selected, St Tropez, London and The Lake District.  Then two days in the studio for the product photography.  As well as the stills we also worked alongside our friends at Magenta Films who joined us in St Tropez to shoot a film too.  It was a great shoot and we had a great team on board. Models by Blake Models, styling by Lisa Elliott, art direction by Kong.

Trefecta Shoot In Monaco


I was recently asked by our friends at Magenta Films  and design agency Conspiracysinc to take a trip over to Monaco to shoot stills for the prototype of an amazing bike designed by Trefecta whom claim a new category of vehicle, an electric superbike.  Trefecta have achieved military recognition for being highly suited for peace and stability operations.  To top it off the shoot was also during the time of the Grand Prix, so this was bound to be a little different.  What a location and a fabulous bit of kit to photograph too!

Once the location shoot in Monaco was complete, Trefecta came over to the UK for a shoot in our studio too.  Again working alongside our friends at Magenta Films who created some amazing footage of this bad ass bike.  Here are some shots for you to enjoy!